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Having insight into data is important in almost every business process. That is why BizzStream has analytics functionality on board that lets you

  • Create canned or ad hoc reports
  • Merge data effortlessly
  • Link reports and provide drill downs
  • Create charts and visualizations
  • Export reports

Thanks to this functionality, it is easy to monitor business processes and answer ad hoc questions.

Note: BizzStream analytics is only available in environments that have an Enterprise subscription level. Click here for more information about subscription levels. If you want to upgrade your subscription, please contact your consulting partner.

Enable Analytics for Documents

Only documents that are based on document definitions that have been made available to the analytics functionality can be analyzed. The document definition article describes how to enable a document definition for analytics purposes.

Design a Report or Dashboard

To design a report or dashboard, open the report builder by clicking on the Analytics icon.

More information about using Report Wizard can be found here.