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QR code field

The QR code field can be used to show a QR code within a document. You are free to decide what information will be shown.


Setting Required Description
Label Yes The label is used for users of BizzStream. The label is shown in documents left to the value of the field. Labels can always be edited.
Translation key No Can be used to replace the field label with a translation. If set, BizzStream will try find the translation associated with the key set in this field. If no translation can be found, the label set in the Label field will be used.
Name Yes The name is a BizzStream system field. Once the Document Definition is persisted, this field cannot be edited anymore. Unless there are no documents based on this document definition.
Source fields Yes The Source-field option allows you to specify what information will be shown in the QR code. You can use a BizzStream Expressions to do this.

How the data is stored

QR fields will not be saved in the database.

QR codes in mobile reference and autocomplete

In some cases, reference fields may point to documents that have reference labels that are very similar (say a 10 digit identification code). If users enter this code manually, there is a high risk of typing errors. This can be reduced by completing reference fields by scanning a QR code.