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Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor gives an overiew of the bulk and scheduled actions that have been started. In other words, the Activity Monitor does not display actions that have not been started yet.

Per activity, BizzStream shows the following information:

Field Description
Intended At The time at which the activity was intended to start.
Name The name of the action.
Username The user who started the activity.
Started At The time when BizzStream actually started the activity. This may be later than the intended time due to the asynchronous nature of activities.
Finished At The time at which the activity has finished. If the activity is still running or has been terminated, this field is empty.
Terminated A checkbox that indicated that BizzStream terminated the activity unexpectedly.
Reason This field indicates why the activity has been terminated.

Open the Activity Monitor

Please take the following steps to open the activity monitor

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Click on Activity Monitor