The Dashboard gives insight into your use of BizzStream. The dashboard provides the following information:

Information Measure Description
Active Documents Number per Month The number of documents that is active. A document is marked as active if it has been created or updated in the last calendar month. Documents that are marked as master data are exeluced.
Storage Used GB The storage that is currently in use by this environment.
Active Users Count The number of users who have access to the environment.
Document Definitions Quantity The number of document defintions in the environment.
Packages Quantity The number of packages in the environment.

When comparing these statistics to your invoice, please note the following:

  • The number of active documents reported in the dashboard may differ from the number of documents that you find using an Export Document because some of the active documents may have been deleted.
  • Storage is invoiced based on the average number of GBs used in the last calendar month. This number is rounded to whole GBs.

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