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Mobile settings

Push notifications

A push notification is a message consisting out of maximum 256 character that is being sent to a BizzStream application on Android or iOS devices. The message will be 'pushed' to a mobile device so that a request from a mobile device is not applicable. A push notification can be send to mobile devices in two ways: * Script (bizzStream.sendPushNotification) * Workflow Rule (Send Push Notification)

A notification can only be received by a mobile device when the BizzStream application is active. This doesn't mean that the application has to be active on the foreground, when BizzStream is running in the background it can also receive notifications. In most cases the send push notifications will immediately reach the registered mobile devices. In some cases the push notifications will reach a mobile device after half an hour.

Install mobile applications

BizzStream can be used on Android and iOS devices.

The BizzStream app for Android devices can be installed through the Google Play Store. You need to have at least this version installed.

The BizzStream app for iOS can be installed through the iTunes Store. You need to have at least this version installed.