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In order to show the information of a document and to enter information into a document you need layouts. Layouts also allow you to create the appearance of a document. Although a layout is connected to a document definition, the number of different layouts per document definition is infinite.

A document is always made up of two different types of layout:

  • Overview List Layout
    This is the layout that shows an overview of all documents.
  • Document Page Layout
    This is the layout on which the users can add or change information in an individual document.

Formatting a layout

The formatting of a layout consists of a header, lines and a footer. These are the parts to which the created fields and lines can be added.

Layouts can be viewed on any device. BizzStream scales the layouts automatically to the screen of the device on which it is shown, whether it is a smartphone or desktop browser. BizzStream will always show the layout as optimal as possible with no action on your behalf required to do so.