Create a new package

As a Maxedy partner you can create packages so that you can easily distribute business process models in other environments.

Please take the following steps to create a new package:

  1. Go to the Support Console.
  2. Select an environment from the dropdown.
  3. Click on Packages.
  4. Click New, a package detail view opens.
  5. Fill in the fields and add a logo. Every field can be edited after saving, except for the name.
  6. By clicking the Save button, the package is saved.


  • It is not possible to delete an already existing package.

Add a version

Please take the following steps to add a version to a package.

  1. Open a package
  2. Click New, a
  3. Add a number to Version Number. In case there are previous versions of a package, the field checks if the number is higher than the previous version of the package.
  4. Add descriptions to Description and Release Notes.
  5. In case you need (an)other package(s), select them in the Required Packages multiselect field.
  6. In the Entities treeview you can select the entities you want to include in the package


  • Please read this chapter about relations between entities.
  • It is not possible to edit or delete a package version.
  • As soon as the package has been persisted, it is no longer possible to change the content of a version.
  • In case a required package is selected, the entities that belong to the package show up as checked in the treeview. You cannot uncheck these entities.

Best Practice

Since entities that belong to packages cannot be changed and packages are not company specific, use settings. For example when the package is used for REST calls to company specific endpoints, put the URL in a setting key and use this as a variable in the process.

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