Introduction to Packages

BizzStream is used to automate business processes in a quick and easy way. To be able to set up a business process even faster and better, we added the functionality to create and install packages. These packages can be created by admins in a source environment and can contain all the elements of a process. Packages can be installed in a target environment.

What is a package?

A package can contain the following BizzStream entities:

  • Document System
  • Document Definition
  • Groups
  • Layouts
  • Templates
  • Menus
  • Scripts
  • Settings
  • Translations

The user entity is not in the package since users are likely to be different between the companies that install the package.

Managing packages

Because packages are the building blocks of any process, changing packages should be done in a controlled way and not taken lightly.

  • Packages contain versions that contain the actual entities.
  • The admin of a package can create a new version.
  • Any subsequent version contains at least all the entities of the previous version, this can not be edited.
  • An entity can only belong to one package.
  • Only the latest version of a package can be installed.
  • Installation of (updated) packages is a manual task.
  • Other packages can be required as part of a package.

Relation between entities

Between entities there can be a relation, meaning that entity A cannot be used without entity B (and vice versa).

We have the entity Employee, which is a document definition. This document definition would be invisible if there was no document system in place. Therefore a document definition has a strong relationship with a document system. The relationship from a document system to a document definition is weak, meaning a document system can be part of a package without having any document definitions.

In this table you can find the type of relationship between entities.

Best practices

  • Since there are strong relations between entities, packages can become large. A problem with large packages is that they are harder to maintain. Build small packages. Packages should be seen as building blocks for multiple business processes, with smaller packages you are more flexible and can build more processes.

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