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Retrieving documents

This call will allows you to retrieve a document.





URL parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
ddName String Yes Name of the document definition.
environmentId String Yes ID of the environment.
externalId String No The external ID of the document that is to be retrieved.
convertIds Boolean No This parameter indicates whether BizzStream has to convert internal IDs to external IDs. The default value for this is false.
_id String No ID of the document this is to be retrieved.
query URL Encoded JSON Object No The URL encoded JSON object that contains a Mongo query.
options URL Encoded JSON Object No The options for executing the Mongo query.

Note: In order to retrieve a document, you have to provide at least one of the __id_, externalId or query parameters.

The options field is a (URL encoded) JSON object that can contain the following fields:

| Query Parameter | Type | Description | |-----------|------|----------|-------------| |sort |JSON Object|Used for the soring order (default: natural order). This is an object that contains the fields and their sorting order. The value -1 represents a descending sorting order while the value 1 represents an ascending sorting order. For instance, {"projectNumber": 1} sorts the documents ascending based on the project number. | | skip| Integer |Number of results to skip at the beginning.| |fields |JSON Object |Dictionary of fields to return or exclude. This is an object that contains the fields and an indication of whether the field is included (value 1) or excluded (value -1). For instance, {"description": 1} ensures that only the field description is included from the result. | | limit |Integer|Maximum number of results to return. For example, "limit": 100 limits the results to 100 documents even if more documents match the query. |

An example of an options object is:

    "sort": { "name": -1},
    "limit": 100,
    "fields": {"name": 1,"price": 1}

When this is URL encoded, the full URL parameter is

Header Parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
Content-Type String Yes Provide the content type of your call. Only application/json is supported.
X-User-Id String Yes The ID of the user who wants to trigger the REST action. This ID is returned by the authentication call.
X-Auth-Token String Yes The authentication token that the authentication call returned.

The call is subject to some limits. Click here to find out more.


curl /api/v1/documents?ddName=project&environmentId=a83rh4aX5nzBsGL3S&_id=kZLfwSWzx5pfbqW37k \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: 6IrqyFhbKjpyJZ_NX6dwLmRNxWk0OVffE8aBfauNKUG" \
    -H "X-User-Id: a6gA9rYaGTFKPrT5P" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -X GET