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Import documents

When the Impot Documents rule is executed, an interface is opened that allows the user to import documents from a CSV or XLSX file. The import process inserts new documents or updates existing ones.

On desktop, the rule opens a popup that allows the user import documents:

On mobile, these options are available on the side pane:

To import documents, the user needs to complete the following steps.

  1. Click on Choose File to select a CSV or XLSX file.
  2. Click on Ok to start the import process.

When the import process finishes, BizzStream will send an e-mail to the address specified in the user's environment profile. This e-mail indicates which documents have been created and updated. If documents could not be imported, the e-mail will explain why.


The rule can be added to:

  • Bulk actions


Property Required Description
Label No A brief description of the rule. This description is visible in the list of rules and meant to distinguish similar rules from each other.
Description No A longer description of the rule. You can use this field to describe the purpose of the rule is.

The import file format

You can edit the import file in your favorite spreadsheet:

The file needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The first row of the file should contain the names of the fields that are set.
  • You can set reference fields by entering the ID of the referenced documents. BizzStream does convert internal IDs to external IDs if possible (see below).
  • Numerical values should have the same number of decimals as set in the document definition.
  • Dates should be in the locale of the user who imports the file (e.g. 12/31/2018 for a user who uses English as locale).
  • You can set a picklist field by providing the name of a value that has been defined in the document definition.

Note: Numbers are not automatically converted in text fields.

Updating or inserting

By providing an internal or external ID, you can update existing documents. You should provide internal IDs in the _id column and external IDs in the externalId column:

Dependant on the IDs provided, BizzStream will insert or update an document:

  1. BizzStream tries to find documents where the _id field equals the ID provided in the _id column.
  2. If no such document exists, BizzStream tries to find document by the value in the externalId column.
  3. If no external ID was provided or no such document exist, BizzStream supposes that a new document should be inserted. BizzStream sets the _id and externalID fields to the values that are provided in the _id and externalId colums respectively. If no _id or externalId is provided, BizzStream will generate a new ID.


By providing a status column, you can update the status of the document. If a new document is inserted, BizzStream will determine whether the user has permissions to insert a new document with the status that is provided in the column. If this is not the case, BizzStream will skip the document.