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Send push notification

When the Send Push Notification rule, you can send push notifications to mobile devices of users. In order for a user to receive a push notification:

  • The app needs to be installed on users mobile device
  • The user needs te be logged on the app


The rule can be added to:

  • User actions
  • Bulk actions
  • Scheduled actions
  • Rest actions


Property Required Description
Label No A brief description of the rule. This description is visible in the list of rules and meant to distinguish similar rules from each other.
Description No A longer description of the rule. You can use this field to describe the purpose of the rule is.
Content Yes The content of the push notification. This field can contain BizzStream expressions. A push notification may not exceed the 256 characters.
Access Groups Yes Push notifications are send to users in the access groups of the document on which the rule is applied. Multiple access groups can be selected.
Execute Only If No The condition that needs to be met in order for this rule to execute. If this field is empty, the rule will always be executed.