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REST actions

When a REST action is executed, the rules are applied to the document. As the name indicates, these actions are triggered by REST calls to BizzStream.

In this example is modeled how a document can be approved by a REST Action or an User Action.

Note that REST actions are not used to retrieve a document from BizzStream via REST. For this, a standard REST call that cannot be modeled is available.

Executing a REST Action

In the REST section, you can find more information about triggering a REST action by making a call to it.

Documents on which a REST action is executed

For a REST action to be execute on a document, the following criteria need to be met: * There is an incoming connection from Any Status to the REST action in the workflow, or the status of the document corresponds to the statuses that are linked to the REST action via an incoming connection. * The user who makes the REST call is member of an access group that has permissions to execute the REST action.

Adding a REST action to a workflow

Administrators can add a REST action to a workflow in a document definition by completing the following steps:

  1. Open a Document Definition .
  2. Go to the Workflow section.
  3. Drag a REST Action to the workflow.
  4. Connect the rest action via an incoming connection to one or more statuses. Alternatively, you can also connect it to Any Status.
  5. Double click on the REST action to open it.
  6. In the field REST Call, select the HTTP methods that are used to trigger the REST action. The PUT, POST, DELETE and PATCH methods are supported.
  7. Add one or more rules to the REST action by clicking on the Insert button.
  8. Close the REST Action dialog.
  9. Click on Save to save the document definition.