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Setting Read-only permissions

Read-only permissions can be set on lines and line fields. These permissions are based upon a condition that can contain references to fields in the same line. This way, if a certain condition is met on one field, another field or the whole line can be made read-only.

Note that the current implementation only covers lines and line fields based on a condition evaluated in the same line. It is currently not possible to use BizzStream expressions with header fields, nor is it possible to make a line group read-only.

These are the components of a document, where the Read-only can only be applied to the lines and line fields.

A line can be made read-only as a whole.

A field in a line can be made read-only.

Setting Read-Only permissions

Please complete the following steps to set the fields and lines permissions for an Access Group:

  1. Open a Document Definition.
  2. Expand the Access Groups selection of a Document Definition.
  3. Expand an Access group and select the Permissions
  4. Scroll to the section Read-only conditions
  5. Click New
  6. The first column of the grid you can select the line or line field to which the condition applies. (you can only select a line or line field once)
  7. In the status column you can add a condition, this condition can only refer to a line field.


  • When a line is read-only, the line cannot be copied or deleted.
  • When a user is part of multiple Access groups. In the case a read-only condition is applied in one Access group, but not in the other. The condition is not applied for the user.
  • The condition also applies for REST actions if permissions apply.