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Service Level Objectives

The success of your business depends on our software. We understand that. You want reach a solution as quickly as possible if something does not work as it should. Below you find all information necessary to get support and to understand what our service level objectives are.

Please note that the service level objectives apply only to our production enviornment ( and not to the acceptance ( and test ( environments.

Stay Informed

The BizzStream platform is constantly evolving. In BizzStream, you can indicate that you want to receive e-mails about scheduled maintenance and new features. You do so by checking the E-mail Releases box in your profile. We recommend you to subscribe at least one person from your organization in this way.

Getting Support

Your consulting partner is the first point of contact for support. If your consulting partner cannot help you, they will contact Maxedy.


In order to provide support, your consulting partner and Maxedy can assume the identity of a specific user (so called "impersonation"). Your permission is needed to do so. You can grant permissions for a specifc environment by checking the relevant boxes on the on the environment settings page. You can revoke the permissions at any time.


Maxedy strifes to make BizzStream available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a minimum availability of 99,0% measured per calandar year. Maintenance periods are excluded form the uptime calculations. You can follow the uptime calculation on the Status Page.

Regular Maintenance

BizzStream is a cloud platform. This means that you always work with the latest available version of the software. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the software up-to-date. During regular maintenance, BizzStream may be unavailable for a while. That is why Maxedy schedules regular maintenance outside Duch office hours (8.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday). We publish a notification on the Status Page, under the header Scheduled Maintenance Notification, at least five days in advance.

Emergency Maintenance

When there is a service disruption, Maxedy may have to carry out emergency maintance during Dutch office hours (8.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday). During this time, BizzStream may be unavailable for a while.


We make at least once a day a backup of all data on the BizzStream platform. In the case of a system wide calamity this backup can be restored as a whole. We can restore the data in a specific environment upon request for a fee. Backups will be retained for a maximum of 14 days.

Process Design Guidelines

The Process Design Guidelines describe the aspects that you should keep in mind when moddeling a business process in order to achieve an optimal user experience. We strongly advice you to follow these guidelines. The Process Design Guidelines can be found here.

System Requirements

Maxedy aims to support modern and commonly used webbrowsers and mobile devices. Just like webbrowsers and mobile operation system evolve, so do our system requirements. One implication of this is that we will drop support for older systems and add support for nerwer ones. You can find the current system requirements here.


As BizzStream is a multitenant platform, limits are enforced to ensure that runaway processes and scripts do not monopolize shared resources. Because the platform evolves constantly, the limits may change in the future. You can find the current limits here.