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Go to URL

The purpose of the Go to URL rule is to open a URL when the rule is executed. Optionally, the URL can be opend in a new window or tab.


The rule can be added to:

  • User actions


Property Required Description
Label No A brief description of the rule. This description is visible in the list of rules and meant to distinguish similar rules from each other.
Description No A longer description of the rule. You can use this field to describe the purpose of the rule is.
URL Yes Here you can specify which URL you want to request. This can be both a relative URL (/menu/orders/) as like an absolute URL ( It is also possible that the URL contains placeholders (/menu/orders/{!_id!}). In this case, the value of the placeholder will automatically be transformed with the value of the corresponding value in the server document with the same ID.
Open in New Tab No This option determines whether the URL will be opened in a new tab, or you want to open it in the same tab.
Execute Only If No The condition that needs to be met in order for this rule to execute. If this field is empty, the rule will always be executed.