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Overview grid layout

The overview grid layout has two sections: Filter section, containing the filter fields. Grid section, containing the fields that users can see in the layout (depending on the permissions).

Creating a new overview grid Layout

Please take the following steps to an overview grid layout:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Layouts
  3. Click on New, the New Layout modal opens.
  4. The window that shows up has 4 fields: the Label, Name, Type and Document.
  5. Give the layout a label and a name. Select the Overview Grid type.
  6. Select the corresponding document definition.
  7. By clicking the Ok button, the layout will be created.

Adding a field to the overview grid layout

Please take the following steps to add filter fields to the layout:

  1. Select a field from the Library.
  2. Drag and Drop the field to the Filter section.
  3. When you are done editing, click the Save button, the overview list layout will be persisted.

You can also add columns to the filter section by clicking the Set number rows / columns pencil

You can set a predefined Sorting order by clicking the Set sorting . There is no sorting by default, the sorting icon shows up by clicking on the field.

For setting other field values you can refer to this section.

In the library for filter fields you can find the fields available for filtering. These field are:

Field name Available for Filtering
Text Yes
Number Yes
Date Yes
Time Yes
Email Yes
Checkbox Yes
Reference Yes
Formula Yes
Status Yes, this is a special field
Blank space Yes, this is a special field
Last Modified On Yes, this is a special field
Created On Yes, this is a special field
Picklist No
Attachment No
Geolocation No
Signature No
Autocomplete No
Chat No

Selecting items in overview grid

You can use multiple methods to select a desired item in overview grid:

  1. You can use regular click on each item
  2. You can navigate through the grid using arrow up and arrow down keys

Moreover, it is possible to use multiple selection to perform different actions.

In each grid you can see a table header which allows you to select all the items from the grid if you click on the leftmost check-box. Also, you can select one of the column header to order your items.