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Get user data (bizzStream.getUser)

You can use bizzstream.getUser to fetch information about a user.

bizzStream.getUser({ queryObject });
Parameter Type Required Description
_id String No The id of the user.
username String No The name of the user.
globalEmailAddress String No The global email address of the user. It must be a valid email address and the user must be in the environment.
name String No The name of the user in the environment.
email String No The email address of the user in the current environment.

Notes: - One of the aforementioned parameters is required.


     "email": ""

Will result in:

  _id: 'rzKA9rYaGTFKPrZkL',
  username: 'guest',
  emails: [ { address: '', verified: true } ],
  external: true,
  profile: { environments: [ [Object] ] },
  _createdByUserId: 'system',
  _createdOn: '2021-01-22T08:00:17.827Z',
  _lastModifiedByUserId: 'system',
  _lastModifiedOn: '2021-01-22T08:00:17.841Z'