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Save document

As the name indicates, the Save Document rule is used to save a document. The rule will always persist the local version of the document as it was when the user action was started.

This implies that changes made by previously applied rules within the same user action might be overwritten when applying this rule. For example, when a user action consists of a Set Field Value and Save Document rule (in this order), BizzStream will:

  1. First a new value will be persisted because of the Set Field Value rule
  2. Then this set value will be overwritten because the Save Document rule persists the local version of the document as it was before (a) was executed.

By default, the Save Document rule does not create a new docuemt in the database. However, it is possible to enable this via the option Enable Create. If you do so, you grant the permission to create new documents to users who are default member of the access groups that can execute the action that contains the Save Document rule.


The rule can be added to:

  • User actions
  • Bulk actions
  • Scheduled actions
  • Rest actions


Property Required Description
Label No A brief description of the rule. This description is visible in the list of rules and meant to distinguish similar rules from each other.
Description No A longer description of the rule. You can use this field to describe the purpose of the rule is.
Enable Create No If this option is checked, the rule will enabled to create a new document (see above). This will only work when the Save Document rule is the first rule within the action.
Execute Only If No The condition that needs to be met in order for this rule to execute. If this field is empty, the rule will always be executed.

Note: The condition in the Execute Only If field is evaluated against the document in the database. This implies that changes in the local document are not taken into account when determining whether the rule should be executed.