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System Requirements

We aim to support modern and commonly used web-browsers and mobile devices. Just like web-browsers and mobile operating system evolve, so do our system requirements. One implication of this is that we will drop support for older systems and add support for newer ones. On this page, you can find the current system requirements. The system requirements listed on this page should be regarded as the minimum.

Maxedy does not provide advice on specific hard- and software configurations. Whether BizzStream works as expected depends on the operating system, browser, CPU, memory, and security settings amongst other things. Maxedy cannot possibly test all hard- and software combinations and future (software) updates might negatively affect (the performance of) BizzStream.

Desktop Web-browser

Browser Recommended version Notes
Chrome Latest stable version This is the preferred browser. Chrome automatically updates to the latest stable version.
Edge Current stable version Edge automatically updates to the latest stable version.
Other browsers We do not recommend other browsers. We therefore provide no active support for it. -

Mobile OS

Mobile OS Recommended version Lowest supported version
iOS The current version iOS 11
Android The latest version Android 9
Other OS Other operating systems are not supported.

To leverage all BizzStream functionality, BizzStream requires the following permissions on a mobile device:

  • Read/and write to (external) storage
  • Use GPS and network to determine the location
  • Use the camera and flashlight
  • Determine the network state
  • Vibrate
  • Prevent the screen from sleeping
  • Receive push notifications

We also recommend that your mobile device has at least 4GB of free memory.