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BizzStream allows you to store all environment specific settings in one place. For each setting, you create a key and associate it with a value. You can refer to setting keys in workflow rules, scripts, and templates. When BizzStream resolves the keys, it uses the value that you assign to them. When you update the value, BizzStream uses the new value in all places where you refer to the settings key.

Environment settings are very useful when you use BizzStream environments in a DTAP street. Thanks to environment settings, you do not have to check each worklfow entity for environment specific settings but you can simply edit them in one place.

Adding an environment setting

Please take the following steps to add an environment setting:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click New to add a setting.
  4. Provide the setting with a key and a value
  5. By clicking the Save button, the field will be created and added to the document.

Note When a settings key has been persisted, it cannot be changed anymore.