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Attachment field

An attachment field type can be used to attach additional information to a document such as images, photos, text documents or other files. All file types are supported.

Note: Please be aware that some browsers may block downloads. For instance, Chrome shows the popup blocker icon () when downloads are blocked.

Note: When you upload attachments on your mobile device, ensure that the app runs in the foreground untill all uploads have been completed. When you close the app, you mobile operating system will terminate the upload.

Note: Attachments can have a maximimum file size of 5 Gb.


Setting Required Description
Label Yes The label is used for users of BizzStream. The label is shown in documents left to the value of the field. Labels can always be edited.
Translation key No Can be used to replace the field label with a translation. If set, BizzStream will try find the translation associated with the key set in this field. If no translation can be found, the label set in the Label field will be used.
Name Yes The name is a BizzStream system field. Once the document definition is persisted, this field cannot be edited anymore. Unless there are no documents based on this document definition.
Required No By checking the required-option, you force the user to fill out the field. By not checking this option, the option to fill out the field is to the discretion of the user.
Maximum Allowed Attachments No The number of files that can be added to the field. When no value is specified, the amount is unlimited
Maximum File Size No The size of an individual file in MegaBytes
Maximum Image Width No Images will be resized to this width if they are larger.

How the data is stored

The meta data of the attachments is stored as array in the database. Each object represents a single attachment:


The attachments themselves are stored as object in an Amazon S3 Bucket.

Upload multiple photos / images

It is possible by making use of a mobile device to upload multiple photos / images by making use of the camera or library (gallery).


A mobile Android device makes it possible to take and upload multiple photos in a row (maximum of 10) by using the camera of the device (Button 'Take photo'). When it is desirable to upload less photos the user is able to cancel the capture mode by pressing the 'back' button on the device. BizzStream will exit the capture mode and will add the taken photo's to the attachment field.

Library / Gallery

Both a mobile Android and an iOS device will provide the functionality of uploading multiple images from the library ('Photo' library button). When it is desirable to upload less images the user is able to cancel the capture mode by pressing the 'back' button on the device. BizzStream will exit the capture mode and will add the images to the attachment field.

Option Description
Click to activate the camera on your device. On Android you can take multiple photo's in one go.
Click to upload images from your device.
Click to upload documents from your device.

Uploading attachments on Mobile and Desktop - Differences

When uploading a new attachment on desktop and your facing internet connection drop, then you do not need to worry about your uploading progress because it will resume right after your connection is up again. As a mobile user, you need to know that if your uploading an attachment and your internet connection drops, you will be able to see a "Warning" on your app that the upload failed and you just need to restart it from the "Uploads Tracker" window.